Friday, June 16, 2017

Q & A: Back Roads Cross-Country Travel

Have you ever wanted to jump in the car and drive across the country?  Last year, we did just that, and we're here today to share answers to some of the questions people commonly ask us about this crazy trip.

Back Roads Cross Country Road Trip travel Loneliest Highway Nevada US 50

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Photo Tour of a Back Roads Cross-Country Road Trip

We refer to last year's once-in-a-lifetime 80-day back roads double coast-to-coast road trip to all 48 continental United States regularly on this blog, but we've never shared an overall account of it with you.  We're fixing that now and will share details from the trip over the next two weeks.  Today, we're taking you on a photo tour featuring highlights of scenes we encountered along the way.  Next week, we'll answer questions people commonly ask about going on such a trip and share our recommendations for others considering something similar.

48 No Interstate back roads cross country coast-to-coast road trip