Monday, June 27, 2016

The Grand Canyon & Sedona, AZ

Base Camp
Flagstaff, AZ

One day round trip Flagstaff to The Grand Canyon. 
One day round trip Flagstaff to Sedona, AZ.

The Route to The Grand Canyon
Hwy 89 to Sunset Crater National Monument > Hwy 89 to Cameron > Hwy 64 to The Grand Canyon

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Carlsbad, NM to Flagstaff, AZ

The Journey

Two days from Carlsbad, NM to Flagstaff, AZ. 
This is the minimum amount of time to allow if you only want to scratch the surface.

The Route 
Carlsbad, NM > Hwy 285 to Roswell, NM Hwy 380 State Road 1 to Socorro, NM > Hwy 60 to Eager, AZ Hwy 180 to Flagstaff, AZ